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Here at My Beautiful Wigs we want to try and provide as much information and help as possible.  Please see below some of our most common questions and answers.

Still can't find what you are looking for, call us on 0208 573 9620 or email us at

alternatively find us on Instagram or facebook:

facebook - mybeautifulwigs

instagram - mybeautiful_wigs

What are the Petite, Standard and Large sizes?

They differ for each brand but generally it will state it on the "whats underneath" tab

Ellen Wille sizes are as follows:

Kids & Petite 52cm-54cm

Standard - 54cm-56cm

Large - 56cm-58cm

How long can I expect my wigs to last?

synthetic - up to 6months

mixed fibre - 6-9months

human hair - up to 1 year

What is the difference between Ellen-Wille's European Remy Hair and Remy Hair?

European Remy Hair is the same amazing quality as Remy Human Hair, but it is just a bit finer and lighter, ideal for someone who really wants that lighter than light effect from their wig

What does rooted and mixed colours mean?

Rooted - If the colour you have chosen is described as "rooted" this means that there will be a slight root effect, a few shades darker than the colour you have chosen to give that beautiful natural look

Mixed - If the colour you have chosen is described as "mixed" this means it is not a "block" colour.  It means it has a mix of similar colours together to break up the colour and adds to that look of natural texture

How do I book a fitting?

If you have bought a wig already and want to book a fitting we cannot wait to see you and help you finish your style to perfection.  This is done at our salon "Zipandas" so please call us on 0208 5739620 and quote your booking reference number.  Alternatively please email us at and we will get back to you, either way we look forward to hearing from you!

Do we do VAT relief?

Yes we do.  Please note we are working on an online form but until then feel free to email us at for your form. So if you have a wig in mind please call us on 0208 573 9620 or email us at to find out what discount you could get.

Are your fittings done in a private room?

Yes, we work in a Middlesex salon called "Zipandas" who have specialied in hair loss solutions and wigs for over 8 years. We will help you with the fitting and styling of your wig in a private room making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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