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I’m Jen. I’m 30 years old from Edinburgh, Scotland. I have Alopecia Universalis which basically means I have total hair loss all over including my eyebrows and eyelashes. My journey with Alopecia started when I was around 2 years old when a small patch of hair fell out. It continued to fall out for several years until eventually I had none left I went through a pattern of losing my hair then it would grow back over the year then fall out again. I went through every emotion possible from deep frustration to endless tears, followed by a glimmer of hope and possibilities of new treatments to try, but eventually I accept that this was who I was and embraced every situation that came my way.

I have never let Alopecia change who I am. I have worked abroad as a children’s rep, having to jump off 60-foot ships to pass my sea fairing certificates and completed tasks in the swimming pool requiring good strong hair tape. I did it all whilst wearing wigs and made life full of adventures. I have adapted my life to embrace my Alopecia. I have tried a variety of wigs and hair systems in all lengths and colours and have learnt a great deal about my emotions, trails, fears and most of all how to be happy from the inside out

I am really looking forward to working with Stacy and My Beautiful Wigs and be able to share my 28 years of experience of Alopecia with you all. I share many hints and tips on my Instagram account so I hope to meet you over there also. In the meantime lets have some fun times checking out new styles and products together and work towards normalising hair loss!

For more information on wigs and tips and tricks feel free to follow me @rocking_alopecia

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