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Jon Renau’s Smartlace Lite Collection

Jon Renau’s Smartlace Lite Collection


SmartLace™ Lite is Jon Renau’s newest collection of light hair density wigs with ear to ear lace front and an ultra-lightweight cap design. It was designed for the wig wearer looking for the ultimate flexibility and wig comfort.

It’s the MOST realistic wig they’ve ever made – the hand tied lightweight cap and longer lace front allow for many more hairstyle options – like pulling the hair up into a ponytail, creating off-the-face braids, or clipping it back for a sleek look. It’s ready to wear straight out of the box!

Each SmartLace™ Lite wig also features a non-slip silicone nape area that fits snug against the back of the head to prevent any shifting. Plus, polyurethane coated ear tabs are perfect for use with adhesive for those wanting extra security and the most flexibility. We designed it to feel completely secure on your head, even while running errands or during a workout!

SmartLace™ Lite comes in 11 bestselling styles:


  • Blake Lite: 100% remy human hair wig with long layers and limitless styling possibilities.
  • Carrie Lite: Shoulder length bob made with 100% remy human hair.
  • Carrie Lite Petite: A smaller cap size shoulder length bob
  • Sienna Lite: Mid length with luxurious layers



  • Cameron Lite: Shoulder length bob with layers.
  • Cameron Lite Petite: A smaller cap size timeless bob
  • Julianne Lite: Effortless beach waves and an asymmetrical style.
  • Julianne Lite Petite: A smaller cap size with beautiful Beach waves
  • Zara Lite: Stylish long layers offering the wearer infinite styling options.
  • Miranda Lite: Sophisticated long layered style
  • Rachel Lite: Gorgeous long soft wavy layers


SmartLace™ Lite is a game changer for those with an on-the-go lifestyle and don’t want to worry about your wig shifting around or being noticed. It’s perfect as the warmer weather hits due to its lightweight and light hair density design. Since it’s so light, it will make you feel cooler – you may even forget you’re wearing a wig!

Jon Renau’s SmartLace™ just got smarter, more natural looking, and lighter. Giving you the freedom to move with confidence.

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