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My name is Naomi, I’m 23 years old from Mid Wales and I am a qualified Primary School Teacher.

I developed my first patch of hair-loss in December 2020 after I hit a huge wall with my Mental Health. By March 2021, I had lost 50% of my hair and I just couldn’t hide it anymore. I decided to brave the shave and it was the best decision I made! I finally got a private dermatologist appointment in August where I got a diagnosis of Alopecia Areata. I’m currently stuck in a cycle of regrowth and losing more hair and by today I’ve accepted this is how it will be. Unfortunately there is no crystal ball that can tell me if I will ever have a full regrowth but I’m embracing the situation and I now love learning about all things Alopecia, mental health, wigs and headwear.

I am so excited to begin my new chapter as a Brand Ambassador at My Beautiful Wigs. I can’t wait to be a part of the family and work along side Stacy, Faith, Jane, Jen and Niamh. I am so excited to share some gorgeous wigs with you and to show how amazing the team at My Beautiful Wigs are. I’ve had such a smooth and amazing experience because of Stacy. She’s an amazing human being, extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all things hair-loss, has a heart of gold and truly cares for each and every one of her clients and customers!

I have shared my alopecia journey from the start on my Instagram: @lodesmach and will continue to share my research, personal experiences, reviews and tips! Feel free to follow and share!

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