Liv – Natural Collection

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Liv is a truly beautiful creation by Dimples.  A stunning long wig in a beautiful aray of colours.  Amazing Remy Human Hair quality means you can style it as you want over and over again and still look fabulous. This wig should sit just on or below the shoulders. It comes with a scalloped lace front for that extra natural hairline and extra silicone strips for security… wont have time to hang around with this wig.  Just put her on and off you go!

Color Shown: Amber Honey

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What's Underneath
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Hair Length: Long Layered 25.5 cm, overall 38cm



What’s Underneath

53.3 CM & 51 cm

Cap Size: 53.3 CM & 51 cm
LET GO Cap: Silicone Cap-secure & cool with silk mono-top, lace front, hand tied

Dimples Aftercare Instructions for Human Hair


1.With a soft bristle brush or wide tooth comb gently brush out any knots.  When brushing long hair make sure you hold the hair above the roots to prevent accidentally pulling out the hair from the base.

  1. fill a basin or tub of lukewarm water. Hold the edge of the wig cap and wet the hair. Do NOT rub the hair together when wet, this may cause severe tangling and knotting
  2. Take a cap size of Moisturising Human Hair Shampoo and spread it into the hair with your fingers. Do NOT rub or scrub hair together as this may cause knotting and damage.

4.Rinse out the shampoo with water

  1. Pour a cap size of Human Hair Wig conditioner and spread into the hair with your fingers
  2. Rinse out the conditioner with water
  3. Pat down the hair gently with a dry towel, don’t rub, scrub, twist, squeeze or ring the hair. Place natural hair wig on a folding stand or pin to a polystyrene mannequin head to air dry naturally

We suggest that you wash your 100% Remy Natural hair wig, top piece, or hair system every two to three weeks.


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